About us

APIAPI – conceived in 1985, well after the building boom of the seventies has built up a reputation of trust and reliability over the years, operating and managing a well diversified portfolio of Commercial and Residential multi-storied buildings and villas. The mainstay of the Company’s continued success has been the competitive leasing arrangements for conveniently located, good quality properties, ‘branded’ with the trusted API name.


With expertise in development, site selection, feasibility study and property management, the Company epitomizes professionalism at its best.


API has a clear and simple philosophy that has been shaped by the environment it operates in; to focus on the end-user when planning and designing any of its property developments.


This end-user focus manifests itself in the premium quality, absolute functionality of design and superior maintenance that are inherent in every API development. Each development is a unique landmark created by a talented group of architects and designers, who often break with tradition in providing designer standards.


API builds on more than 25 years of successful client relationships to find solutions, respond to new market opportunities, and increase the value of commercial properties. Acknowledging the challenges in the industry API has diversified into the hotels and resorts industry as well.